Finding a voice with words.

I have always felt like I had things to share with the world. Always kept thousands of notebooks, journals and of course diaries. I have written in blogs, wrote mini books which never had ends to them, and even letters to random strangers.  But where I do begin? What can I possibly say to help someone? Or what can I say to make you laugh? What can I do with words?  That is my dilemma.  Words can be a simple quote to a daily inspiration blog and yet after years of trying I’m still looking for my voice.  How did you find yours?


The pain is like fighting in a closed ring of spikes

The emotions that come are sharper than blades

The story will never be heard

The scars will never be erased

The music that plays will never change

The maze will never find an end

The nights will never get shorter

The nightmares will never fade

The days will never get easier

The depression is here to stay