A Mystery Solved Or Is it?

A mystery some of us seek to find the answer,

A mystery some of us run from,

A mystery that comes from some and doesn’t for others,

So what is this ol’ mystery? ,

Is it happiness?

Is it love?

No, it’s simply this,

The laundry, Oh how it never ends but seems to get cleaned,

The dishes, the hide and seek, never to speak of dishes,

They come, they go, and some even hide,

The litter, oh the litter,

The toys, the crayons, the books scattered about,

The paperwork to be done,

The bills to be done,

The sheets to unfold,

The hair to be a mess,

A call to answer,

A message to reply too,

This mystery is still unknown.



Written by me, inspired by the thoughts of having a home and a family again.


Spicing Up A Facebook Post

While working on Arkansas Pagans Facebook site (I’m a co-editor), I wanted to find a way to italicize the words of a book.  Unfourtantly, facebook doesn’t give us many options to make our writings fancy. However, after a quick google enter, I found a fantastic word editor –YayText-.

It allows you to paste a post, a word, links, or whatever into the editor. You can choose from a list of text styles.  Then just copy the new text and paste!  How cool is that?

How Do You Keep A Clean House When Battling​ Mental Illness?

For those of us who have mental health problems, it never seems that our house is ever organized or clean for that matter. My biggest problem was (Yes, was as in PAST tense) every day the house was cluttered which caused my anxiety to shoot through the roof.  My anxiety would be the beginning of a spiral down to depression. The house never seemed to get clean or stay clean. When I did have the energy to actually clean I was exhausted shortly after beginning and never finished.  That was until one lady saved the day.

For last month or so, I have been following The Fly Lady. This wonderful lady is all about organizing, cleaning, and maintaining with ease! She isn’t one of those- just clean this way or that way. Oh no, she is much, much more than that. She helps create healthy habits, which helps us maintain not only our home but ourselves.

She helps me clean, organize, and maintain in such an inspiring way. She says ENCOURAGES her readers to remember our chaos wasn’t created in a day so of course, it’s not going to get sparkly in a day. So don’t worry about trying to do all the laundry, dishes, floors, etc in one day. Do what you can, take breaks, drink plenty of water, and remember to reward yourself!

I encourage anyone to go check her out > Fly Lady ❤

Uncover Yourself

At some time or another, we have hidden our face by lies, manipulation, or other ways. We try to please others and we lie to ourselves so we can only hide our truth, whatever truth that may be.

If you are hiding under the mask, reveal yourself. Our reality then becomes our own. DO what you need to do. Do what works best for you. Life isn’t fair and it will never be, however, the way you do your ways is what makes life just a little easier to be content with.

We will always have rough days but how you decide to deal with them is what changes your outcome from bad to okay.

Over Thinking?


Which expectations hurt you the most so far? Pointless Overthinking

My initial answer was my own expectations.  I tend to have unrealistic expectations of myself. One of the biggest that has really stunted my growth as a person is thinking that people have expectations of me going to fail. I mean do they really think I’m going to fail? Sure some but not as many as my brain thinks. The problem with that is, I end up forming those expectations and making my fears come true. I over think and concentrate on it so much that those initial lies turn into my reality

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