Let’s Talk About Bi-Polar

Energy no energy

High no high

Low no low

Ups no ups

Downs no downs

Each day is different

Each week, each month, each year and even each minute.

Sometimes it’s for two minutes

Others its days or months or even years

Or some have it in spurts

Some get angry

Some get sad

Some get too happy

Some get too sad

Sometimes we clean

Sometimes we sleep

Sometimes we change rooms

Sometimes we move

Sometimes we eat

Sometimes we don’t

And sometimes we say FUCK YOU BIPOLAR

And sometimes we say THANK YOU BIPOLAR

It’s a curse

It’s a blessing

It’s a disease

It’s a mystery

It’s treatable

It’s forever

It’s hereditary

It’s environmental

For those who read this through-

I had two days of straight depression and now three days of high energy.

You are NOT crazy. You are NOT a mistake.

You are LOVED.

Breath, forgive, be patient

Don’t forget take your meds ;)!

Only He

He drinks bud light

He sings a silly song

He keeps my heart racing like the stage I’m on

There’s not another place I’d rather be

When knees are shaking

Tears are hurting

And thighs are strong

He keeps a conversation

And a kink in the side

There’s not another place I’d rather be

He loves like no other

He moves my veins like the sea

And there’s not another I’d rather be

Only he, the only one, could make me melt like candle wax.

Check up yours….

Just checking up on my favorite followers! I know I haven’t posted in a couple weeks but I have some life changing things happening. I’M HERE 🙂  So how about that full moon huh? Beautiful disaster.

So for my late tip for the last couple weeks is more mental then physical.


Yes, let go and be curious. What the hell is she talking about?  I’m talking about relationships of all points, i’m talking about the negativity situations that surround us all.

For me it was to let go of the past, and focus on the future. Don’t just sit there in the negative bubble, speak up. IF they or it doesn’t like that then they can go catch their selves.  I know it can be scary to let go of things but what gets scarier is yourself when it starts affecting who you are.

<<<<<<  MY SECOND TIP FOR TODAY 🙂 >>>>>

Create a space in your home where you can just go and breath. Perfect thing for parents or even use it for a meditation space. I used a small empty closet I had that all I was using it for was junk..literally junk. Grab a few pillows, some lights to strong across, some books or material and any other items that help you relax. I  have started using my room to not just be within myself but my creative spot. (I’m in there now)   There is nothing better then a small spot in your life that you can call yours.


If this is your first time reading my blog and you enjoyed my little treat please follow me for more wonderful tips tricks and love 🙂


I have been thinking about starting a vlog for awhile now but suck being behind the camera. What do you think? Go for it or should I just stay typing?  Of course I would still be doing my weekly blogs but would do some vlogging too.

If I started one, what would you want me to do it over? Personal-every day? A certain topic?  I want your thoughts,opinions. SO COMMENT