The pain is like fighting in a closed ring of spikes

The emotions that come are sharper than blades

The story will never be heard

The scars will never be erased

The music that plays will never change

The maze will never find an end

The nights will never get shorter

The nightmares will never fade

The days will never get easier

The depression is here to stay


   Every year, all around the globe people make different New Year’s resolutions. Rather it maybe losing weight, going on that vacation or visiting family. Everyone hopes for new things, better things for the year to come. So what do YOU hope for 2017?  

    This year i’m not going to make the list a mile high like the years in the past. 2016 was a harsh year, between multiple deaths, loss of friends and a constant headache with my health.  For the 2017 resolutions I am only choosing three the rest will come in god’s will: Love stronger, forgive more, and don’t stop walking.   Some would say that’s clique because of the known quote “live,laugh,love”.  However, they couldn’t be further from the meaning behind my resolutions.  

I want to love myself stronger, I want to share my love with my family members more, I want to love my partner stronger in our relationship.                  

  Everyone says they’re going to forgive more but do we really? So this year I’m dedicating more to forgive the ones in my past, the present and the future.  

Lastly, don’t stop walking is probably my deepest resolution for the coming year. I mean it not just physically but emotionally as well. I need to walk daily for health benefits, but I need to remind myself to not stop walking mentally. When there is that log in the way of my path I need to continue to walk forward not backwards like the years behind me.

    So to the new year to come. I welcome 2017 with open arms and faith god will lead me where he wants me.  SO to 2017! CHEERS!