Holidays Cheer or Sludge


Here is my holiday chart, enjoy my dull sense of humor. So, every year we have a bunch of people who show up to the big meals like Christmas and thanksgiving so I took it upon myself to put them in a category for you.


  1. So, you have the cussing, cane hitting grandparents who smell like they just got out of a perfume store.
  2. Then you have that ‘’perfect’’ couple who thinks anything non-organic is a hazard to their child, so they always bring vegan foods every holiday, like tofu.
  3. Then of course you have ‘’Tom’’. Tom always has his camera out videoing the family. He even took a picture of sally last year on the toilet when she ran out of TP.
  4. And of course you have that annoying cousin with 10 children who always come without being invited.
  5. Then you have that one person in the whole house hold who doesn’t care about anything but loving everyone and is usually the one who is breaking up the fights.
  6. So, then you have that one guy who is always outdoing everybody with the holiday spirit with the ugly holiday t-shirt and tie that looks like elf ears.
  7. You can’t forget sally who brings those pies that nobody dares to eat, since they’re all afraid of food poison!
  8. And of course that aunt of yours who drinks too much wine every holiday and passes out before dinner even gets to the table.
  9. Then you have the sports fanatic who hogs the TV and puts nothing but sports on the whole weekend.

Who else has a NORMAL family for the Holidays?   😉


Omelette in a Bag

Thanks to a wonderful woman I learned how to make an omelette without burning, undercooking or making it nasty by a simple choice of bakeware. A zip lock bag.

Your saying to yourself what does a zip lock bag have to do with making omelette?! If you don’t already know this trick then keep reading if want a quick, 99% success, easy omelette.

Omelette in a Bag

Serving size: 1

Gather everything you want in your omelette. I use ground sausage, bacon, kale,mushrooms,red bell peppers, and of course cheese. (GOT TO HAVE CHEESE 😉 ) and the amount of eggs you want. I usually do 2-3 eggs a person.

Everything but the cheese and eggs need to be cooked and set aside.

Take a large (I use 1 gallon ) zip lock bag and crack your eggs into it. Add your pepper or other seasonings. Zip your bag closed and shake until your eggs are mixed.

Take your other ingredients and put them into your bag. Shake to mix up. Take your bag and clear your bag of air.

After you have closed your bag tightly boil a large pot of water. After a good hard boil put your bag into the water (several bags are okay) and let cook for 13-15 minutes. (Be cautious taking the bag out of the pan it will be HOT!)

Then just empty your omelette onto your plate and wala!

****A tip to get rid of air is to take a large bowl of water and dip the bag into the water. Then a squeeze the bag to release the air and zip shut. I suggest using a good heavy duty zip lock bag or else your bag my bust open and just create a mess.

I attached a link to a similar guide to those of you that like to print your recipes.

Simple guide

My darkness


My darkness

Your eyes they’re full of mystery
Full of love, hope, and everything a typical girl dreams about
But I see a darkness that you try to hide from the ones around you
But I see right through that wall that you have put up
I see your cravings
I feel your pain
I hear your voice
I know your needs
You read me like I gave you my DNA
You shattered my Ice
You carved my broken pieces and painted them into a beautiful disaster
You turned me into a beautiful mess
When I look into your eyes I feel your voice
My knees tremble at the sight of your eyes
My heart skips beats when I feel your breath
My soul jumps when You touch me
You were afraid that you would scare me away
You were scared I’d think you were a monster because of your needs
But what you saw was the opposite
You met a girl who was just that monster
You give me pain
You give me pleasure
You give me peace
You give me, myself
I never thought I’d feel free ever again
But you made It come to a reality
No more dreaming
Time for living
Submission to your feet
Service at command
Silence when needed
There is so much more to dive in
So much more to explore
The submission of my soul
The open to my neck
The reach to my heart
You’re the only greatest darkness I need

By Karrie Griffin 09/18/17


Finding a voice with words.

I have always felt like I had things to share with the world. Always kept thousands of notebooks, journals and of course diaries. I have written in blogs, wrote mini books which never had ends to them, and even letters to random strangers.  But where I do begin? What can I possibly say to help someone? Or what can I say to make you laugh? What can I do with words?  That is my dilemma.  Words can be a simple quote to a daily inspiration blog and yet after years of trying I’m still looking for my voice.  How did you find yours?


The pain is like fighting in a closed ring of spikes

The emotions that come are sharper than blades

The story will never be heard

The scars will never be erased

The music that plays will never change

The maze will never find an end

The nights will never get shorter

The nightmares will never fade

The days will never get easier

The depression is here to stay