Taking life all at once or by pieces?

Do you take life all at once or by pieces? Do you live day by day or moment by moment? Maybe even year by year?  Do you forget about yesterday? 

How can one live life by regrets? Don’t you just want to dream away?  What do you see yourself doing in say ten years? Do you forgive easily or do you hold on to grudges? 

I don’t live by year,month,weeks or even days. I just live. I swallow every moment with grace. (Even the bad ones) I don’t hold grudges any more. I have let my black child years go and learned from them. I forgave everyone and myself. We may never forget those moments but you don;t have to let them control who you are. Sometimes you just have to start over. Even if that means letting go of everything you ever know just for the hopes of a better outcome.  


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