The BIG L…. Word!

So I got to thinking about life and the L..word.. We all at some point think about the word love.

What is love? Is true love real? Is the Cinderella story true? After recent change on my life, I learned that you have to love yourself for everything you are before you can truly love some one else. So whats your opinion on the BIG L…. word? Is there a such thing?

On another note.. there are several different types of love. There’s the kid/family love, then there’s the Animal love, work love, hobby love, but the one we all question at some time or another is who will I fall in-love with?

Whats your thought on love?


One thought on “The BIG L…. Word!

  1. I think that love is the most important thing in life. It makes us who we are today. It is the reason behind anything that happens. It is the force that drives the world.

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