When we hear of Jesus Christ we hear how sweet,loyal and loving he was but when you get to know the lord you see that there is a bigger side to him that most turn the cheek on.

In Exodus 15:3 It says ”The Lord is a man if war ; The Lord is his name.   As the bible reads on it says that the Lord is a caring man but when it comes to standing for whats right and to protect the loved ones he will fight till the death. In which he did when Jesus died upon that cross for our sins. During that trial he was beating till he poured out in blood for only standing up for what he KNEW was right. There are many people out there who dis-agree with the things we do or say ,especially about the word of god.

In john 2:13-16  and Luke 4:29-30 in both scriptures it shows how willing Jesus is to stand up for what is right and he WILL do whatever it takes to make it right.

Something to think about when reading over the scriptures above is who/what is the fight for? Are we really fighting for the right fight? Maybe its your marriage that is on rocks, you need to fight for your marriage be strong and stand up. Maybe its yourself and the struggles of addiction. Whatever it may be STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!  We can all change you, me and our neighbors.



Thanks to the sermon Brother John preached today


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