Negativity vs positivity

     Being able to love someone the way someone really need to be loved is tougher than it sounds. Try loving someone with massive depression and anxiety disease. Being diagnosed with these is not something you can take lightly. Being depressed is not just because they cry too much it’s deeper than that. The diseases are usually inherited or someone from environmental. Although like me, it can come from both. Both sides of my family have anxiety and depression disorders. Not only does it run through the family but I also had a rough childhood. I was beaten, neglected and abandoned. My mother gave up on me when I was very little and my father is a whole another story itself.  There’s medication, there’s therapy, and there’s rehab but no matter what; the feeling is still there waiting for you. It’s waiting for you no matter how much you talk about it, it’s still there after you drown yourself from medication, and even when you think you’re alone locked away.  Being diagnosed with a mental diagnosis doesn’t mean you’re a freak just means you’re smarter than the rest. I just think of it as my brain has too much information and needs a break.  If you have recently or have already been diagnosed don’t think you’re alone because you’re not. Do you have self-negativity? Are you self-conscious? Here is my way of out of that. Get a piece of paper and pen…don’t wait to later. GO GRAB THAT PAPER AND PEN NOW.   Now that you have it write down three words that you think about yourself… Ok so let me guess: FAT, UGLY, and STUAPID.  Am I right?  Of course I am… Because I use to feel that way about myself and on occasion I sometimes still do.  How do those words feel when you say them?? Probably exactly what they mean. Now flip that paper over…DO IT NOW.  Now I want you to think of three words you think about the person you love the most.    


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