Love or Hell?

Have you ever had that one person that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Like allergy’s in the spring? No matter how bad that person has hurt you? NO matter how many times you’ve hurt them hoping they’d leave? And then when you finally walk away and in just a couple weeks you call them? Why do you think you called them? Thought you wanted to get away? Well sweetie, I hate to say this but your in-love.. I just sometimes just wish I could just close some doors in my heart..But I know I would be telling myself a lie.  

Have you ever experienced that time when you walk away from a hell of a relationship just to realize you never gave up inside? Have you ever walked away jumped into another relationship that you then realize its not your relationships that are wrong but its yourself?  Well That’s me… I keep searching for the ”ONE” but came to conclusion right now its me that I need to focus on. Do I like this?? OF coarse not but sometimes truth hurts..    

He is nice the other can be too

He is strong but he is too

He has a good head on the shoulder his has a few screws loose

I really don’t know this guy but I know him like back of my hand

OK…OK…. I know.. Lets worry about ourselves for a change.. Then we will see where God wants us..       





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