NO!!! But I don’t want to do my homework!!!

OK..Now that I got your attention it’s homework time. Well not for you anyways. I have been working with a professor to help advance my writing. So she has been giving me articles to summarize and outline. Here is my first one. Please give me some feed back my lovely fans!

Please keep in mind every writing assignment from my professor will be in third person.

Here is the original article By Zuckerman after reading this the following words are my summary. 

The Union VS Economy

In the article “The State of the Union Is Scary” by Mortimer B. Zuckerman ( Zuckerman, 2014, p. xx-xx), he expresses clearly that he believes the State of the Union is failing the people. It states that everybody sees what the economic crisis (like the ones on welfare) is doing to our country but the people who have the power to change this is just a turning a blind eye.

The Foreign countries expect the U.S. economy to be strong enough to pull them out and overcome the recession. However, the American economy is not growing fast enough to support ourselves let alone other countries. The political parties are worried that stimulus packages from government would lead to economic overspending.

Narayana Kocherlakota (president of Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) has in the past has taken a strong standpoint against strong actions to boost our economy. In recent weeks, while the government is ready to do less to boost our economy he changed his position.

The economy is slowly growing but at very weak rate with no guarantee of the continuity of growth. People are investing less, which leads to less employment and growth. The comic growth in the U.S. has not been this sluggish since the mid-1900. We have yet to see steady economic growth after four years of economic recovery. Concluding that this was not a recession but a moderate depression.

Workers in the U.S. weary of losing their jobs in next few years due to the possibility of economic downturn.  The drop in unemployment rates is due to the older generation retiring from the job market.  Growth will be below normal levels in less we instate measures to reboot growth. It has become painfully obvious we need more students to successfully complete the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Curriculum.


Zuckerman, M. B. (2014, January 31). The State of Barack Obama’s Union Is Scary – US News. Retrieved from

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