Not another story about global warming..please!!

Its GRAMMAR TIME!!  This is a game I like to call spot my mistakes! Is this cheating?? Maybe but I did do my work first. I just want to double check my work and what better way then to have my followers participate?  OK. Here is my homework (already done) I just need YOU to double check me!   


According to some people, they think pollution is bad and caused by corrupt companies. The Greenhouse effect is caused by the industrial pollution. From the data taken by scientists, our earth has warmed up since the Industrial Revolution. The factories’ emission has created the smog in the atmosphere. The earth’s atmosphere will become like a greenhouse. The earth and everything inside will become like the plants in the greenhouse. They should not let companies destroy the ozone. The sunlight can pass through the ozone layer, but the heat transferred by the sunlight cannot escape easily from the layer of smog. This will deflect to earth’s surface again. They can be in danger and must correct this egregious error.  


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