Fighting over what?

When you fight with your husband or your wife what do you usually fight over? (Besides this economy stealing money). I am being serious. Its what, usually that he forgot to put the toilet seat down or he threw his laundry beside the hamper not IN the hamper. When fighting with your ”other” half don;t you later come back and laugh about it?? How silly it was? Or maybe your an older couple and your wife’s hearing aid has went out or turned too low and after the 5th time yelling she finally turns around and ask you the same thing you were trying to ask her? OR maybe you have to have your husband to sit down and ta;k because he gets confused to easy. Its like fighting with your best friend over who is going to wear what color what day? Most usually just silly stuff. So I want to encourage you tonight before you go to sleep turn over and tell your significant other that neither one of you are perfect in every way but you still love them 🙂  Sometimes it makes things feel less heavy on your shoulders at night. 



Just a small advice, do NOT ever go to bed upset with one another or if you have something that’s bothering you then talk about it. Because that yucky feeling will still be with you in your sleep,dreams and on the next day!!


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