Explaining my disorder

Can you tell me what a ”normal” person is? I could not tell you what normal is because everyone is different and so unique. I have a mental disorder called Major depression and anxiety. When people talk about people with mental disabilities everyone first assumes the ”crazy” people. We are not crazy.. We like others have a chemical in-balance in our brain which causes us to seem to be ”off the rocker” as some like to call us. I am not of my ”rocker”. Yes, I tend to be edgy and sometimes off in my own world. Which in a way is partly true. When depression takes over someones brain, they go into a ”episode” in which causes our brain to limit our emotions.  People seem to think depression is just another word for sad. Let me tell you something, that is way wrong.  When someone has a disability 90% of them will have that limitation for their rest of their lives. Depression stays with you till you die. Its not something you can cause on yourself. Some say its hereditary others is just a tragedy in their life. In my case its both. Is it completely cure-able? Not yet, like cancer its a work in progress. There’s medication, therapy, and other things out there to help ease the pain from it but not 100% cure-able. I found an article that helps explain what depression really feels like. I dare you to follow the link and read it. 





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