Title it or Tag it!

Day 2.

I am going to try to catch up with the zero to hero challenge since I started a day late. Having a effective title and tag line helps draw in the readers. I changed my title from Life as we know it to Chirping with life. I used Google to search for my title and many different sites came up with similar lines.

I came up with the name from the little bird that was sitting chirping in my window seal. I thought hmm.. Chirping with Mrs. little lady. (still had many sites come up)

Chirping with lady (just didn’t sound right)

So then I finally came to Chirping with Life 

Then I edited my tag ling (what its about). So far so good!


2 thoughts on “Title it or Tag it!

  1. Chirping with life sounds catchy and unique, kudos to you for that. You’re not followed, and i’m looking forward to your content in the upcoming weeks 🙂

    Take care! Greetings from Singapore btw!

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