Day three-Why Do I Blog?

Blogging, Blogging,Blogging!

Writing is everything to me. Yes, my grammar is not perfect by all means but I am improving! I started blogging originally to just have a way to get myself comfortable writing on a computer. I have always been the one to write with a pen and paper. It just flows easier that way. Lets face it, my typing skills is very imperfect. I never had a computer growing up or even knew they existed out of classrooms till I was about 18. I have found that the last year since I started writing on my blog my writing has approved. I think it is because the thought of my work being public world wide. Who is reading my rants and raves of life? My purpose now is more a long the line of getting my words out; writing is my voice. I am horrible in speaking in crowds but writing takes me on stage every time.


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