The battle we face-Mental Disorders

Anxiety and Depression is a every day battle for me. From the time I wake up to the time I try to go to sleep, my mind races like NASCAR on a Sunday afternoon. I long for the feeling of freedom from them but I know its a life long battle. Symptoms change every day from sever to almost none. My mood changes as often as I change my son’s diaper.  One second I am laughing over the Ellen Show;the next I am crying , enough to fill a pond, over something simple.  We all have control over our moods but we have to make the effort to change our ways of thinking. If you constantly put yourself down or think negativity of coarse your going to feel that way.  I know this may sound funny to some but it really has helped me change my way of thinking. Get a packet of sticky notes and write one encouraging word on each paper and put them around your house. Therefor, every-time you walk by one you can repeat it. I am a firm believer if you repeat something long enough it sticks in your head. So if you repeat I am : good: I am :loving: I am :smart: eventually you’ll believe it.  For those who are struggling with any mental disorder just know your not alone!


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