WordPress Vs Tumblr


            Which site is better for your posting purpose the artistic, young Tumblr or the old, storytelling WordPress? By looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each website you can decide which one might be better for your posting purpose. The keys between the two are simply the option of a variety customization and the simple easy use. WordPress has a wide selection of functions that can be customized. However, Tumblr is a much faster and simpler website to use.

Getting started with Tumblr is fast and easy. There are no additional settings or extra fuss to have to worry about. In addition, anybody who sets up an account with Tumblr will have their blog up and running in no time. This will allow the writer to start posting quicker.  Tumblr provides simple ideas to post (like to post a picture, video and etc.).  WordPress unlike Tumblr is not as straight forward when adding a brand new post of some sort.  Although WordPress’s set up is not as simple as Tumblr it provides plenty of help like tutorials to get started making your blog come to life.                            Unlike Tumblr, WordPress provides more gadgets and customization to make your website unique from any other site. Therefore, if you are looking to personalize your website WordPress would be your best choice. With this in mind that makes WordPress much more flexible than Tumblr. Tumblr is best for known for the photography, media, and social networking whereas WordPress is better known for its serious writing. Both Tumblr and WordPress can share and connect with other social networking sites. However, with WordPress you have to have certain plugins to connect to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and even Tumblr. Once again Tumblr is much simpler to use than WordPress. Because its connectivity buttons are pre-built into its website this helps connect to the social networking sites easier and faster. If Tumblr’s biggest strength is share-ability WordPress’s biggest strength would be its flexibility. With WordPress it gives you an option so you can self-host (personal domain) and it can become your own personal website. This makes WordPress sites easier to be found on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo which helps provide the extra feed and viewers on your website. In addition to that, Tumblr, which does not have that option, has to depend on its servers to stay functioning. This sometimes is the biggest flaw of self-servers and not hosting your own website.                             If you are just now beginning to blog and cannot decide right now which one to choose from, know that both have really exciting benefits that both are alike.  Let’s start with that both web sites are free unless you want to customize or expand them. It is so nice to have your own personal blog to be free and not have to worry about paying money to keep your blog up and running. Both websites have unlimited space to post as much as you want no matter what you post. Both websites you can add special, specific galleries to keep things organized and neat looking on your blog. Not only do Tumblr and WordPress provide excellent ways to grab a variety of readers it makes those readers into lifelong fans. One of the great aspects of both websites is the ability to catch the certain audience’s attention that you want by placing tags in the post. For an example: Tagging a certain word like sports or music will bring in people interested in those certain groups. Another amazing similarity between the two websites is that the both have search bars where you can search for what you want to read that might interest or inspire you that day. Another great example is if you want to read someone’s thoughts on a certain subject all you have to do is write a couple of words and press search. For an example,  for a Obama topic all you have to do is type in Obama into the search bar and many other bloggers post will show up.

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