Video blogging to express myself> Whats your opinion?

So a friend of mine asked me if I thought about video blogging. I haven’t thought about it till now. Me and videos don’t get a long. Maybe it would be a good way to freely express my self but then again I do that on here. What in the world would I talk about? Do you video blog? I want to hear from YOU!! You tell me what your opinion is on video blogging vs writing? Or both?


2 thoughts on “Video blogging to express myself> Whats your opinion?

  1. I’m a Youtube partner for quite sometime now and I’ve always loved to vlog. When you write a lot, you get kinda tired and when you get a writer’s block you’ll find that it’ll be easy to just articulate everything out through a vlog. You don’t have to worry about your sentences getting misinterpreted with the wrong tone and meaning etc. since you’ll be the one controlling it, but the downside is that polishing the raw vlog will take a lot of time and some people might be more interested in reading per se due to how fast the world goes about now. What I’ll suggest is that go ahead. Have to always try something new and try your best to make it work. Maybe you can do like a monthly vlog (if you don’t have the time), and then focus on a specific topic? Like at the end of every post, you can get your readers to ask you questions about your childhood, your pet, the place you live, your hobbies, your job etc., consolidate all of them, and then do a vlog and post it up at the end of every month (with the theme you chose). Sounds pretty rad doesn’t it?

    Hope I helped you out a little! Take care!

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