Just a little rant about love

We all ponder the question rather true love is real or not. For that last decade or so marriages have been decreasing and divorces have been rising. We ask ourselves ‘’ and I thought it was true love…”. Well dear guess it wasn’t or maybe it was and it didn’t last forever like we all think true love does.  I have really thought about the ‘’true love’’ thing and ask myself if it will ever come to me. I married once and now divorced. I fell in love but never was it by far true love.  So my question to you is what IS true love? Is it the typical happy mom dad husband wife thing? Or is it when two people love each other without limits?

When someone is hurt so bad from past relationships will they ever find love with their insecurities? I can’t help but wonder what we have is true love or is it my dream of being happy (in which he does make me happy) and having a family.  Or maybe it’s the rush of wanting to settle down and become a family unit.  I have insecurities like trust issues due to being cheated on for so long.  Once again we bring back the question is true love real? Can someone be with someone with insecurities and call it true love? Isn’t true love supposed to have no problems such as trust issues?

I am teased about marriage in the future and more children and a ‘’happily ever after’’ but yet I have a feeling that most of it is just talk to keep me happy. I would rather you just tell me jokes and hold me at night then tell me lies that you don’t mean right now. Sure you might have strong feelings for me but Love is a very strong word and shouldn’t be taken lightly.


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