Lets talk about religion and ways of life

I know it’s a touchy subject but we all talk about it sometime.  I am a Christian and too me that doesn’t mean I am religious.  It means I am follower of my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I believe in the impossible such as miracles and raising from the dead.  The way I look at is I will live my life and be as if Jesus would be. Yes I know I am a sinner and by far a saint. Sure I drink but I don’t get wasted. In the bible is says they drank whine. Therefor alcohol is not a sin unless you over use it or it overcomes your life. I do my best to help others and treat others as I would treat them.  I am not judgmental that is not my place to do so.  I respect others even when they don’t respect me.  There are several ”religions” on this earth. Why? Well in the bible it states that Gods people was building a temple when he gave them all each a different language and I believe that this is what caused everyone to go in their separate ways.  I can go on with this subject for hours so till my next post have a good evening. I look forward to reading your post and comments. 🙂


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