Living with BPD

A poem I wrote about my BPD

I am a roller coaster
Never stable
Never the same
I hide from many
and to most I lie
My tendency’s are good
till I get afraid
Then my twin comes about
I love most
Most I forgive
I am sometimes vulnerable
but other times I am a rock
I don’t always listen
and sometimes over act
Some-days are good
others are bad
They call it BPD
I really don’t understand
All these sudden actions 
are from what they say?
A mental illness they say
There’s no way
Once again I deny everything
Negativity is my everyday
I don’t know what to say
For once I can say in truth
that I am lost
Why don’t you go away
but hey there
yes you there
Don’t worry because I’ll recover
I’ll recover with a smile
Thanks to BPT
And might even live a normal life!

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