6:42 am Day 1 Another day

New beginnings,new starts nothing like a fresh hot smoking cup of creamy vanilla mocha from my favorite gas station. Okay so I know a little out of whack I know but its morning ,like 5 am to be more pacific, so give me a break. I hate having to drive so far from home to work every morning. However the wonderful smell of mocha in the morning makes it easier and well worth the thirty minute drive. Like usual I was at work early, to be exact I was hour and half early. Apparently my body said it was time to get up and motivated. That reminds me of the song that most of us all have heard ,”You are my sunshine”. My mocha every morning makes me think of that song. Kinda like the breakfast commercials about the sun and the breakfast sausage and egg muffin. ” You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,you make me happy..”” etc we all get the point. I hated coffee till after I started working morning shift.. Love the smell but hate the taste. Okay so I don’t ”hate” the taste I just don’t like it black. For the last two weeks I have been cramming hours of research and note taking for diabetes education. I am starting a online class sorta to inform and support the ones who have or might can get Diabetes. Diabetes is a very, very serious illness that can cause sever health problems if not diagnosed and treated right. I have pre-diabetes currently but have experienced blood sugar spikes. Someday it’ll be normal,others my blood sugar will be like a roller coaster. Working at a hospital for most of my every week day I see tons and tons of people being admitted to the hospital due to blood sugar(some obese, some so small you see every bone in their body). There is so many people out there unaware of this major illness that many go untreated. My computer is dinging..Its time to start work again. Another day,another hour to being superhero!


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