Just another rough draft

Yup, Just another rough draft, another idea…..
Keep in mind that the following words is a rough draft. My sentences,paragraphs and words are not correct by all means. I am going to try to start a personal everyday journal but into a book ,if that makes since to anyone. Give me feedback poor or good everything helps. What I am fixing to post is just the introduction. Trust me I know it needs some work done. If you give me feedback if there is something on your site I would be willing to put my feedback for you as well. So here it is.

‎November ‎10, ‎2014
My newly found journal.
With this journal I will track my every day moods,spending,relationships and much more. Why am I starting this journal you ask? This journal will be my story along with my voice. I want others to know what it feels like to battle with mood disorders and diabetes. If you are reading this just keep in mind the pages that unfold will sometimes be a bit disturbing; also may have a little intimacy in them too. My goal with my journey book is to inform others,teach others and maybe sometimes entertain people. Well let me rephrase that entertain the ones that have nothing left to do but laugh at others who hurt,cry for help and are ”less” then them. Let me get something straight before we continue the beginning of this book. I am not perfect,I am a middle class single mom,I have a past and don’t judge others. So if you think your the judge of me put this book down easily and find another one for your cruel heart.

Good-evening my lovely readers let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Karrie some call me bug or care-bear or whatever odd nicknames they can think of. For now you can just call me Karrie. I am diabetic but my diabetes hasn’t decided yet if it wants to be high or low. I am not on medication for it. I just watch my diet and exercise. I have borderline diabetic since I was young(about 13). Diabetes is a very common diseases now in the united states. Lets carry on, I have been battling depression,anxiety and a borderline personality disorder since I was little as well. Depression comes and goes but my anxiety and BPD stays with me 24/7. Depression is like death. A empty black box that once you open it, it sucks you in it and locks its doors forever locking you in the black box. My anxiety is so crazy everything seems to trigger it from driving daily back and forth to work to writing this book. It can be sever or it can be just heavy breathing. Let me explain further in detail what Borderline Personality Disorder is. Bpd is a mood disorder. Bpd is when a person has complicated relationships,usually a spender,has or will have addiction problems and usually unpredictive at times. Its a daily battle from getting up for work to buying everything in the store or my favorite of all times is rather I hate the person or not. BPD infected usually can be deceitful,liers but also can be the most caring,trusting person alive just depends on the day. A lot of people go undiagnosed because they think its just themselves but in reality it is a disease just like depression. Most people suffering from Borderline Personality disorders are likely to have depression,bi-polar or other mood disorders along with it.
Lets talk about some more, growing up I was abused,neglected, often set a side and sadly alone. We will get deeper into that subject another day. I have had some really good relationships and others very bad. I have better relationships with close family members and family thanks to starting to catch myself before I act. I have two little children both current toddlers. For those who wonder they are boy and girl ; The girl being the oldest. I have 4 half siblings two brothers and one sister from my mom and a half brother from my dad. Never met my dads other kid. The others I grew up with for a few years except for the youngest Joesph.
Here is a little bit more in detail about me personally. I am getting a divorce currently after 5 years of not seeing the kids father. I am a writer,photographer and a baker. I do currently work at a hospital. I love helping others and is my goal to become a super woman and save this earth. I love coloring,outdoors, gaming,reading,playing with my kids and occasionally watch TV. I secretly dance and sing in the shower like most woman. Okay so now its time to began the real journey. If you dare to read a confusing,self bio,thrilling novel then keep reading on. ‎


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