A summary/beginning in progress- Title yet un-thought off

Looking for feedback on this..Just a rough draft.. Always start my storys with a basic summary of my ideas for stories. So here it goes. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance and hope you enjoy 🙂

The secret double life of an officer.

An officer who gave up their power, their natural dominance human features at night in return to live a life of service to one person. Her life would be to serve a master of high power, to please him for all of his desires, and to be at his disaggregation at any given second.  Even though it didn’t start this way, she had no choice but to leave her only home and other life behind. So she might have the ability to keep her secret from society and her family. She was in so much fear that she would be imprisoned or worst alone forever that she left everything but her officer uniform behind.  Her job at the police station kept her busy and in line. She worked long hard hours booking and putting up with inmates who would refuse to listen. However, when it was her time to sign out of work the tables turned on her. Her master so merciful when she was good but no-one could help her if she dared to push the line of both realities. For years she always watched her back never making herself noticeable in public, hid herself at home and never dare adventure out past dark.  Because the punishment was by far so unimaginable that the human brain could not even bare the thought of the torture she would have to take willingly to keep her master in satisfaction.  Who was this mystery man, this person who controlled her every night and day? The one who kept her busy where she can’t even go outside without asking him first? Did anyone ever find out about her secret? Did he ever unmask himself to her? What maybe the biggest mystery to ever wonder is if the officer was ever set free to live a normal life into society in peace?


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