Chirping about mental illnesses

Today we talked about mental illness in more of a personal way.  We talked about backgrounds, medication and more. Everyone has a different story on how mental illnesses has affected their life rather themseleves or loved ones. 

Since we are talking about mental illness today I wanted to share my story.
I was diagnosed at 18 with depression and anxiety. Both are hereditary but this year I was diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder,  and ptsd also. I really have had a tough time coping with my disorders but with the help of many I am on the road to recovery.  

To me medication, therapy, and being admitted to a mental ward is a great way to start your recovery.  There are so many options out there now to help cope with pur disorders. 

The more we educate ourselves and our families the better we can live a normal life. I am not saying its cured and wont have cracks but we can overcome the symptoms.

Its not a overnight thing and most of us will live with them the rest of our lives. However togther we can fight it.

To learn more ask your human resource department or maybe even your doctor.

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