My second interview with someone with a similar outlook on mental illness.

For my second interview we talked about the same questions as the last one. Thank you Kianna for sharing your story.  As you will see every person is different.  Their stories can relate but completely different. Lets begin.

Please tell us a bit about your background and when you were first diagnosed.

I have been around bipolar my whole life my mom for years was misdiagnosed missed most of my childhood sleeping with covers over her head not wanting to be bothered by me.
I remember learning how to ride a bike by myself.

When I learned that she had bipolar I had to learn more information that helped her instead of being against her.

What has been the toughest part of having bipolar?

Controlling my emotions and keeping relationships healthy whether it be a friendship or dating or family.

How have you overcome these challenges or how you are working on them?

Journaling has helped me a lot. Meds for the most part work for me but when I have my off days I journal. 

What do you think of psychiatric medications and therapy?

I was on tons of meds before I found one that actually worked… I wish they was a natural way to be healthy and I actually found an awesome therapist finally.

What advice do you have for someone about what treatments to try?

Therapy is the best one. I’d refer anyone to talk to a therapist.

What would you like someone who’s been newly diagnosed to know?

There are plenty of people going through the same thing you are. There are plenty of support groups and outlets.

Whats the best way loved  ones can support someone with mental illnesses?


Thank you Kianna for sharing your story. Keep a look out for my next post on mental illness.


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