My dear dream reader

Dear reader,
You are searching for something but you’re not sure what. You’re dealing with a crisis in your life. Its probably nothing huge maybe a relationship,writers block, wonder about life, or questions unanswered. You scroll down your reader day after day hoping something would catch your eyes, your interest but once again nothing that hits the spot till now.

Your reading this wondering what I have to say. If what you read will help you in someway and not just be another rant that someone wrote. I am here to say that this is not the case. I am not a “one subject” writer. I write about anything and everything. If its a touchy subject you better beileve that I will be writing about it. If it is something nobody talks about then I am going to write about it. I write to express myself and much more.

While I have your attention I want you to do something. It wont take but a minute. Close eyes, clear your mind of everything that has been running through it. When it comes to a blank page, imagine your in a open wheat field sitting on a white painted, wood bench out in the middle of the feild. The breeze is just right. Until you see a dark cloud. It starts to get cold. The winds pick up and almost blow you off your feet. You start to get uneasy. There is no place to take shelter. It starts to pour down rain. At that moment when you feel all is lost, a little monarch butterfly lands on your hand. As you take in the beauty, the rain stops and sun starts to come out.

You can open your eyes now. I am not here to tell you a story about a rain storm. I want you to remember that butterfly. That butterfly is a reminder of hope. It had faith and because of that the storm went away. I am not saying butterflies make storns go away but they are gods way of saying its not the end.

Do you know the story of the butterfly? I believe that they are gods reminder that he gives second chances. A caterpillar wishes it could fly. One day when he gets so tired of everything he crawls in a cocoon and goes to sleep forever. Until one day he comes out and threr he turns into a beautiful butterfly. There is my story. When all else fails remember there is hope and have a little faith. Things will get better just be patient.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Like and follow if your up for the challenge.


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