Bipolar and dual diagnosis


So am I

Drug of choice?

Drinking is my thing

Go until I lost everything

Its called binge drinking

After I feel guilt and a lot of it

I want to hide in ashame for what I done

It was only ment to have one drink not the 10 I had

Please forgive me, I really didn’t mean to hurt you and them

Screw you,

Don’t understand me?

Well fuck it I am no use

I didnt mean to say those words

I didn’t really want to hurt your feelings

Its this stupiad bipolar crap that changes my thinking

Oh,well I guess I am done

This time I ruined it for good

Okay so I drank a little too much

That isn’t okay behaviour

Maybe next time try to find a better coping skill

I like to color or take photos

Arts and crafts can help tell your story too

I understand it’s the bipolar now

but my behvaior is under my control

So togther lets work on stoping are bad coping skills

and togther over come what bipolar wants us to be.


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