Moster called Bipolar

This disease hunts me 24/7
Watching and waiting for my weakness
It pops up whenever
Runs my close ones off
I try to scream out to them
This isn’t me, it’s a monster in me
The monster takes my voice away
I try to self-medicate to get it away
The pain is so unreal
I get up once more
I cover up the scars
If someone sees them I say it was a cat
The bruise on my arm?
I fell is what I’ll tell them
They tell me to grow up and get over myself
But they don’t know the pain in me
I try to control the pain just one more time
The physical pain helps but only for a second
It’s not just depression\its bipolar
I go off like a kid not getting its way
But that’s not me
That’s the monster I try to hide in me
The medications just make me numb
I just want to be able to feel again
Forever is just till tomorrow
But till tomorrow is a long time
The pain, this disease is just to real


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