Hospital visits
Needles and tests
They’re all the same
4-57 days
But still I know its safer to go
The thoughts come
They scare me
I want the pain to end
Tried everything I could
And yet nothing succeeded
Why Cant i get it under control
is there really no other way?
I really wish this would stop
But no other way but to stay safe
Family is away
Dont want them to see me this way
Im least I feel loke it
Always a mistake
Waist of air
Waist of space
I dont see why
I still breath the same air
I feel no place
No way will it disappear
just let me be please
This pain is so deep….
Why cant I just say goodbye??
I love everyone of you
But this worst than cancer
Medicine doesn’t help it
Just makes me numb
Just give me a blade
Then you wont have to see my suffer
Once again another hospital stay

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