Another start of a book

It was early thursday morning when casey got to the line of Agnes. She was tired of the trip and ready for a relaxition day of exploring the town. She found a little motel just outside of the square. She booked for a night and decided to take a bike ride around the town. The lady at the counter was really nice and seemed too excited. ”Guess they don’t get many toriest.” Casey thought as she unloaded her bike from the truck. Casey had a box of odd ends,clothes and her bike. She left her life behind in New York due to needing a new start and wanting to find adventures for her journalism. She got on her Malice, purple bike and started off towards town. After exploring the square and a couple of small shops on the side it was time for lunch. Instead of going home she decided to stop at the Laughters Sandwhich shop on the square.  She parked her bike on the side and started inside. The air filled with the aroma of cheese and meaty substances. ” Good afternoon, what can I get ya?” a lady called out to casey accross the blue sponge painted room. ” I am not sure. Whats good to eat?” she replied coming closer to the lady. Walking to the counter the people seemed to stop what they were doing and watching her walk to the counter. ”Casey.” she stuck her hand out to the burnett lady behinf the orange wooden counter. ”Welcome to Laughters sandwhichs Casey. I am Sara. Don’t mind the eyes. We aren’t use to many travlers.” she said with a accesent of the south.

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