This one is for you, yes YOU!

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. Someone to make the Washington newspaper but I found that I didn’t need to be ‘big’ because news is for yesterday. I like to write about closer things such as the underlying problems of society and personal things in our lives.  The last two years has been a struggle to keep up with kids,school and much more. I may not post long reads and cosmos new thing every week. However, I do post about sincere topics and stuff that comes from my heart.  With my battle of depression coming on here on the weekends and I see a new follower I get excited. Its like giving the birthday girl what she wants. I may not be the ‘top’ blog but what little followers I have means a lot to me.  For that my readers and followers I say thank you for taking your time out and reading my outrageously, random blog post.  Keep coming back there is always something new!


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