News vs reality

I am going to get something straight for all of those who look at the news and points fingers.  Yes, there are a lot of suicides and homicides lately together. That does not mean all of us are homicidal, Like myself I battle with depression but I would never dare even think about bringing my family to death with me. Everybody knows that news always tells a different story then what really happened. Ask any news reporter boss. Got to drag it out. Got to make it popular within society. If you would fight more for the healthcare we need to provide our sick ones then we wouldn’t have so many suicides. 90% of suicidal thoughts are alone. No one knows they’re thinking that way. Want to know why? Because they are scared..scared of so many reasons. Look at you, all you can do is point at them. That is not the way to go. Go talk to them..Try to understand them. It’s not easy to understand, I know personally.

For years I wondered why my uncle felt so low he had to take his own life. It wasn’t till my time of lows came where I came to understand. Not everyone will get that low but we just take the time to try to understand this world would be a better place. Stigmatizing is just labeling people for what society thinks. Ask yourself this who in the family has the most problems, has the most problems with trouble. I can almost guarantee you, that at some point in time you have labeled them. Why you ask? Because that is exactly what society tells you to do. they’re dangerous or nasty..etc  My point is stop pointing at us every time you watch the news.. Most of our diseases are hereditary. None of this is our fault.  So next time you want to label someone look at yourself in the mirror and look back.


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