I planned to write a advice on here about balancing out food this holiday. Instead I am here to say EAT!  I am very passionate about health and fitness but holidays are for families and thanks.  Instead of worrying about how much calories are in one slice of turkey be thankful that you can even eat that slice of turkey because many people in this world don’t even know what thanksgiving or Christmas is.    That doesn’t mean let go of that day of the gym/workout either!

I always do harder exercises before holidays only because it helps me feel better when I eat that 3 plate dinner around thanksgiving. If your like me you have families that don’t get along so you usually have to eat twice!  My advice for that is eat a little portion of everything you want.  Then you’ll be fine and ready for the next meal!  That and its proved if you eat smaller and slower your body gets ”fuller” faster. (Neat trick I learned)

Got that one family member who cooks that gross (whatever it is) every year but you feel bad because nobody eats it?  Don’t worry about it but offer help cooking the night before? Or have her cook it at your place prior? Then you can spice it up before its put on the table.  (Alisha, if your reading this I’m sorry…Yes I am totally talking about you. But it came out better that you even ate it!)   That is it for now folks!

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2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I like to drink a glass or two of water before my Thanksgiving dinner. It helps keep me from gorging myself. That, and the fact that I’ve never been a fan of many Thanksgiving staple foods. Maybe my relatives just aren’t amazing cooks. Glad you’ve found your way back into blogging, by the way!

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