Mental health and Medications

First off I want to say thank you Cavelle from mentalbreakinprogress. Your posts are always amazing!

Today I want to talk about mental health.. and oh ,yes that dreadful word Medications.  Thanks for Cavelles last post When you don’t feel like taking your meds , I got this inspiration to tell you a little about my experience with mental health and their medications.

It is Never okay to take or change your meds any other way then what your doctor said to.  Trust me the outcome is not what you think it will be. Psychiatric medications are very dangerous to play with.  Some are even life threatening if took the wrong way in any way shape or form.

About a year ago I thought I would be my own doctor and literally about took my life. I started new medications one that I never even read about side effects on. (You should read about side effects even if they’re not new)  Any how- I decided that instead of taking it twice a day I would stop taking my bipolar medications thinking if i could hold down my anxiety I wouldn’t need a mood stabilizer. (wrong)  I started taking my anxiety pills 3 times a day instead of once ever 12 hours.   Weeks went by I felt so much energy but at each night I had horrible stomach and chest pains.  A week later I ended up in the er for over dosing myself. I now suffer from nerve damage. I continue to shake and it sucks trying to hold a hot cup of coffee.

My point being is just because you think you feel better on/off it doesn’t mean you adjust them yourself.  If you have questions ask your doctor.  Don’t feel like they’re not helping or bad side affects? Tell your doctor and be honest with him/her. Psychiatric is not something to play with.

Stay on your medications !

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One thought on “Mental health and Medications

  1. Thanks so much for sharing! It’s important we get the word out for sure! Glad all is well. Glad we got to chat! 🙂 xo

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