First Video chat!!

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers Cavelle from Mental Break in Progress I did my very first video blog! Oh my, I was so nervous!  I like the Idea Cavelle started.  Want to reply back to me why not do it in a video? You have to click below to watch it! Come on you know you want to!




9 thoughts on “First Video chat!!

  1. YAY! 😀 ❤ You did great! I am beyond honored that I inspired you to give this a try 🙂 xo I got a kick out of your Mastiff thinking he's a lap dog! lol Thanks so much for replying back that means so much to me. Keep doin' your thing girl! 😀 xo Glad we have crossed paths 🙂

      • Right!? lol once you get the first one out of the way you get hooked lol I still get nervous I think I have done 4 videos now in the year I have had my blog just a nice way to break things up and connect with people in a different way 🙂 Can’t wait for your next video! 🙂

      • Will do! lol yeah I hear ya. I had taken a couple months off at one point. Just couldn’t find the drive to write but when it comes back you almost have too much to write about and I had to figure out how to start over again lol Glad you’re back! 🙂

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