Many takes PTSD diagnosis as someones excuse of getting attention or trying to make others feel bad for them. That is not it.  PTSD is a severe disorder that is caused by some sort of trauma rather abuse,accident or some other trauma.

I had a flash back yesterday while eating out. I was just biting down on a Delicious sweet BBQ wing when my body flashed me back to a moment of abuse when I was five. I cried hysterically last night and today isn’t any better.

I haven’t cried today but instead been completely blank ”Not here like”. I skipped working out with a friend. Skipped a photo shoot and all I want to do is sleep now. I have very little thought of anything else but yesterdays moment.

The most crucial horrid part of PTSD is sometimes when you go into a flash back some people never leave. Permanently there and no way out. Reliving that moment over and over again. I am thankful I was able to leave last nights episode and go back home safely.

My point in this post is be safe for the ones like me that suffer and know that your not alone.

Thanks for chirping with me today. Keep a look out for more Chirps!

     -Chirping with Life-


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