Read at your own RISK

So today I didn’t have much prepared to talk about.  However–Keep on reading.  However Today I am going to talk about whatever flows my min Excuse the mess but my next post will be less messy.

Going to the gym is like playing on a playground with no friends for me. I stick to one part of them gym and rarely hit any other machines. I have always been shy but i’m scared of gyms.  Mostly because I’m afraid someones watching and making fun of me.

Yet the beginning of this month I took a leap and went for it. I got a membership at a small local gym. Hired a personal trainer for 8 sessions and fell in-love with the gym..  But still when i’m alone and not with my trainer I feel so self conscious.  I am not in nor out of shape but not where I want to be. I did manage to drop 5 pounds and a quarter inch of my waist this month.  go me!

Now that I have no trainer (i’m broke) I force myself to go about 2 am to the gym and try to remember our workouts. Any advice ladies?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night. Thanks for reading Chirping with Life and keep on following!


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