This is why I don’t watch the news ‘TW’

For those with light hearts or easily triggered don’t read below.

So while on face-book messing around one of me fellow journalist gave me a link to a news station with this poor little girls story. I cried..still crying.  I was very much neglected and abused in every-way there is but it was never this bad.

Like the child in the link below dhs also failed me.  I still have scars from thorn bushes where he use to whip me with them. I’m not talking about roses know the long ones that if you step on your going to the hospital.   I felt so much emotion while reading the story.

Poor 19year old disabled young lady finally receives hope after 9 years in literally what I would call hell. If this ever reaches you heather My heart goes to you. I am so thankful someone called and those brave firefighters/paramedics got you out.

If you think you can handle it please click the link below to read about heather’s story of abuse.  It’ll make you cry,furious and so thankful all at the same time.

Heathers Story

Thanks for chirping with me 🙂


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