Catching up ”New me”

I didn’t get to post yesterday for my writing challenge so today I am going to put the two days together.  So yesterday I changed to water from caffeine. I have always had problems with caffeine when it comes to health but yet could never stop. SO yesterday I vowed to myself I wouldn’t pick up another caffeinated drink again.  So far I have not broke down over it lol.  I started putting lemon in my water or using the crystal light packets for flavor.

As far as today my challenge to myself is to get organized and stay organized. I have tons of little projects and papers that need to be filled everywhere. That doesn’t include all the phone calls I have been procrastinating on doing over the last week.

If you haven’t seen my challenge post go look I dare you! For today I challenge you to start breaking a bad habit. You can do this!  Want to see more post from Chirping With Life?  Follow me 🙂

-Thanks for chirping-


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