#4 of New Me

Challenge of day for today I am challenging myself to forfeit the negative thoughts in my head and be grateful for the things I do have. Today I will try not to complain over anything. Why should we complain if we have so much already.

Look at it this way, you have a place with a roof right? One thing to be grateful. Millions go yearly without a any sort of roof over their head.  You have food of some sort daily right? Be thankful for that numbers of people go without meals because they can’t afford them.  Third of all, you have that one person rather its family,friend or even soulmate. Be thankful you have someone. Up until recent I had no one. My family is distant towards me and very little actual friends.  I have one of the best friends any woman can have. He is such inspiration on so many levels.

So today I challenge you to be thankful. Or find something to work on. Something you want to see change or something you have been meaning to work on. Be thankful that you are even able to read this post.

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Thanks for chirping with me today


One thought on “#4 of New Me

  1. Hi. Such a nice topic. Thankfulness is great instead of complaining. And even if we think that a person is complaining – he/she just could share personal experience. Anyway, I hope You are doing well in everyday’s life. I just want to let You know – no-one will achieve Your dreams, except You. Whenever Your reason of taking action becomes stronger than Your excuses, You will be successfull and happy.. Be thankful, but still try to improve Your life. Wish You a lovely day! 🙂

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