Running behind

I always run behind the crowd for two reasons. Its the little stuff in the back that makes the headlines. You can always catch a little excitement back in the back and you are never in the way of any dangerous events up in the front.

Good day my fellow readers glad I caught your attention. So I have been running behind this week. Three days worth of post I have yet to catch up on. Here goes day 5,6,and 7 worth of challenges for the ”new me” challenge.

Today I challenge myself to keep a clean the car and donate some old clothes. For my last challenge of the day I am going to be a little realistic. I tried to cut caffeine cold turkey. I failed , so my last challenge of the day is to have one soda a week.

Its never too late to join the self challenge. You got this!!! Keep it up!

Thank you for chirping with me today. If you haven’t already go ahead and press that follow button because you know you want to.

               *Keep on chirping*


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