Upward and Onward

Welcome to the new year! Many people have some new resolutions for the year. This year instead of making resolutions I am just going to say one thing similar. I am weeding out people and habits in my life that drag me down this year. This year is going to be my new beginning. I am leaving here and going upward. Leaving all the negativity behind me. Traveling with nothing but peace, love and hope.

There’s nothing better ending the year knowing that all you can do is keep pushing upward and onward. I broke my mirrors to leave the past behind me. Taking the new lessons I learned from 2015 with me and leaving their dead cells behind me.

So to the ones battling, at their lowest point, and the ones that are stuck in life, Keep pushing on and reaching for the clouds. I know sometimes it seems hopeless but look at it this way, you made it through 2015 and all the years behind it. You can do this no matter what part of life your in.

Goodbye 2015 , and welcome 2016


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