Tag your it!

Tag your it! Last year I joined the blogging 101 course for January like I did again this year. One thing I settled down on is my tag line and title. It was hard for me to find the perfect fit.. I went from choosing Life-all about life to Chirping with life-There’s always something to chirp about.

I went through probably two months ranting and raving trying to find the perfect name for my blog.. Then one day I was sitting at my desk and saw a bird chirping at my window. Then it hit me.. My blog was like a bird. Never know what you will hear. Never the same thing. So I put a couple words together and came up with Chirping with Life.

Then came my tag line. That was the fun part. I needed something rounded. Something that fit life in just a simple few words. So here I am just chirping about life and everything that comes with it.

What is your catch? Don’t worry if you haven’t got your title and tag line perfect before January ends. It will come in it’s own time just like mine did.

-Keep on chirping-


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