Writing Publicly vs Privately

12494984_10153786405371031_3566040154714440132_nA dear friend of mine sent the picture above to me. I couldn’t help but share it with you all.
I wanted to discuss something here with my fellow writers. Some of you have been writing for years others have written for just a short time. Here’s my question for you to ponder (Respond if you want) on. What makes you write publicly vs privately?

To me I write both public and some private. Almost all of my work ends up in the public somehow. Rather on here or the local library groups I am in. This cup reminds me not all things are as what they seem. God for bib if someone was to check my browsing history. I have probably ten news stations,social media, archives of history events and so much more.

Why do you choose to write say ‘Vanilla’ articles publicly and not any adult nature writings? Or anyway you write? I have read some really , lets say interesting blogs before that is full of profanity and adult nature articles . Then again I have read some amazing blogs that are simply all over the place like mine.

So what makes your blog have a genre? Are there somethings that should be writing privately? What is your opinion?

Till next time thanks for Chirping with me.


One thought on “Writing Publicly vs Privately

  1. The only thing I write privately is books I plan on getting published. I try to always keep an interesting blog or to help others out. Writing publicly has helped me find friends that I never would’ve gotten to have.

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