To my Audience I present to you….


We could talk about the government, science, religion, family, photography and much more. However, I choose to talk about now, this moment.  Which that could be listed in any category above.  I want to be in peoples brains (not literally). I want to know their feelings, emotions or even just thoughts.  I want to help others by giving wisdom or even just a simple hello.

It’s the moments of everyday lives that really matter. Like if your sixteen year old daughter is secretly depressed and started cutting herself. I want to reach out to the parents and the girl. I want to reach out to the single parents whose life just got dumped into a trash can.  I can talk about the past or the future any day. I can’t change the past nor can I predict the future. What I can do is change the NOW, this moment, this breath.

All you can do is dust off and move forward. I am not here to say it’s going to get better because one day it’ll be bad. What I can do is help you learn and help yourself get through that time. As many of you know my blog is a variety. It could be a simple picture, a quote, a short story or just a plain out rant.  It’s how you take it is what matters.

Everything I read or see I try to see how it fits (or doesn’t) in my life. Rather it’s something I done in the past and moved on from; or something I could use right now to help me improve myself.For now my fellow readers, writers, photographers and you that is reading this because your bored, KEEP pushing forward and let some of that weight go. You don’t need that.


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