Rant Rave and a Poem

The thing about love is its a cruel evil thing.. no lust is..no I’m right love is. You fall into these traps that we are made to beileve are love only to be hurt at the end. I sit here trying to reason with myself why I was so stupid to fall for this game again. Sitting in the room next to who once was my best friend, my world just to listen to my world fall to peices by a soft voice coming from someone else that isn’t him. I was a fool to think that he really wanted to see me.

Even though we have decided friends was what was best only deciding this the day before there was no respect for me…not one bit. And now I have to lay here in these hollow walls till morning til I am able to leave.. Why do I have to beileve that there is anything real in this world.. Im so confused.. Im glad he found someone only within three weeks of seperation but friendship has respect and tonight there was not one ounce of it. Well bright side I got my precious camera back but i’ll be leaving here with much more. More then a material object but a lession learned. When it seems too good to be true it is..and you can never be friends with an ex. It just doesn’t work. If there was ever a friendship that came from a long lasting relationship the relatuionship must have not been real. I knew better..but I was blinded by my own hopes.

A poem for you my precious waste of time

Your words are so warm
They use to comfort me
Long nights became short
Your words became cold
Instead of pushing me up
They were tearing me down
Hope I thought
Again blindness was upon me
A friendship
A love
No a crime
No a broken dream
Beware they said
I said no way
Look at me now
Laying here in merge of an ocean
You getting warm by another
A lession learned
A moster you were
A romeo you were not


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