For years growing up I always dreamed of fairy tale love..When I got older I came to the point of non-belief. Till this year I didn’t really know the difference between surviving life and actually being in-love. Now that we are upon my most un-liked holiday Valentines day. Today I was given so much more then flowers,teddy bears and chocolate but I was given love.(I did get a pretty flower,balloon and of course chocolate)                        I spent the whole day in a relaxed state with my best friend,my lover and his family. I have been several relationships and some long but until today I didn’t really understand what love really was. Love isn’t just being there for someone or stepping in front of a train to save a life. Its all that and so much more. No matter how many words I write tonight Love has no set length. It is truly a forever thing. From being my best friend to my lover I couldn’t have asked for better.                                                                 We all have flaws . We all mess up. Today isn’t about our mistakes or what we can give someone its who they are to us. How much they mean to us. So today, for Valentines keep close your friends,family and of coarse your lover. They are our last puzzle piece to our life.


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