Thanks Netflix.


So as I was doing my Monday Netflix binge I found a movie. One that only caught my eye originally because the story was about a writer. That was until I started watching it with a closer look. The movie ”The girl in the book”, written and directed by Marya Cohn was a movie I’ll never be able to forget. The movie is based on a young woman who goes through trails of highly sexual appetite due to the loss of her innocence and betrayal when she was just a teenager. Her monster was a older gentlemen who was supposedly helping her write better. Almost like a mentor. He was someone she felt believed in her till she realized he used her for his winning novel.
As bad as it is having her reliving each moment every day, that monster comes back into her life at her work place. As she looses a good friend, a love and herself she finally begins to work through her horrible past and learns how to let go of it. Now that friendship is bonded back together and her relationship is mended her love of writing has came back. She is then no longer ”The girl in the book”. This incredible heart breaking movie was a eye opener for me. Unforgettably I bawled my eyes through the whole movie because like her I was also a victim as a girl. This movie was not only a eye opener for things that are going through my life, things that could very well be caused by the horrific incident as a young girl, I now know that just because it happened I don’t have to live in the past.                                      For those who have been victimized by such a crime don’t wait till the box to reach out. Incidents like that can affect us for our whole lives. Including ourselves, family, friends or even strangers.



Picture credit:  Wikipedia contributors. “The Girl in the Book.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 13 Dec. 2015. Web. 16 Feb. 2016.


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