Ten Day Writers Block Challenge

This post is running a tad late but please read on!!

If you have been following my blog lately you know that I am struggling with writers block something fierce. So, my wonderful best friend sent me to Pintrest to help me generate some ideas.  Of course she was right and I found a little inspiration.  While going through it I found a picture with a ten phrase daily challenge. Every day finish one of the phrases till either your done for ten days or you started writing again. I am finishing them by writing down the first thought that comes to my mind when I read them out loud.  Unfortunately when I went to back to find the source of the challenge the posters pins were gone. (I was hoping it had some more inspirations)  However, even thought I couldn’t find the pin I did write down the phrases when I first saw it!!   Keep a look out for my daily post for my Challenge!!     If your stuck like me with writers block then take the challenge!


I was
I am
I think
I wish
I save
I always
I can’t imagine
I beileve
I promise
I love

Got anymore challenges? Please do feel free to share!! Follow my blog for some more tips,stories and more!

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