The benefits of one amazing fruit!

There is this one fruit that has the ability to be used in all main areas in a person’s life. Can you guess which fruit it is?  Between the amounts of vitamins, the weight loss advantage and the cleaning ability who doesn’t want to use this fruit in their lives? Have you guessed what it is?   I’ll give you a hint. The fruit is small, can be pretty bitter, and yellow.  You’re right it’s LEMONS!!

You heard me right, lemons. Those citric, bright lemons are one the healthiest, multipurpose fruit known to man.  According to many scientist, and the great known Dr. Oz lemons have been proved to be high in several essential vitamins.  This includes vitamin c, b-complex, calcium and even potassium!  Who knew right?  I have been taking supplements for vitamin b for a while now so after using lemons in my daily diet I have been able to decrease the amount of vitamin b I take!

With the multiple vitamins lemons have there are several ways you can use it in your daily lives.  Did you know that lemon juice helps with dark spots too?? They have been proven to help fade scars even. One the most exciting benefits of lemons is the weight loss capability! Who doesn’t like the sound of adding a simple fruit to your diet and lose a couple pounds by boosting your metabolism!! Do you have issues with bloating or maybe even a sore throat?? Add that lemon!

Cleaning is just as essential as your health and once again lemons have a way to make that scrubbing easier! Because lemons are natural acidic it can help you take those stains right out and even brighten those white socks with just a little bit juice.  Who doesn’t love a shiny metal faucet? Lemons are known for taking that grime off easy scratchable surfaces and turning them into new!

Ah, the love of lemons! Lemons are so fresh smelling and the benefits are more natural then trying to buy chemical products.  So why not switch out the bottle of coke for a glass of lemon water or tea? Why not put that metal scratcher away and squeeze some juice? So put those away and grab you some lemons!



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