Let’s Talk About Bi-Polar

Energy no energy

High no high

Low no low

Ups no ups

Downs no downs

Each day is different

Each week, each month, each year and even each minute.

Sometimes it’s for two minutes

Others its days or months or even years

Or some have it in spurts

Some get angry

Some get sad

Some get too happy

Some get too sad

Sometimes we clean

Sometimes we sleep

Sometimes we change rooms

Sometimes we move

Sometimes we eat

Sometimes we don’t

And sometimes we say FUCK YOU BIPOLAR

And sometimes we say THANK YOU BIPOLAR

It’s a curse

It’s a blessing

It’s a disease

It’s a mystery

It’s treatable

It’s forever

It’s hereditary

It’s environmental

For those who read this through-

I had two days of straight depression and now three days of high energy.

You are NOT crazy. You are NOT a mistake.

You are LOVED.

Breath, forgive, be patient

Don’t forget take your meds ;)!


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