Endings mark new beginnings but where do you start?

So where DO you start? How do you just move forward? How do you find YOU again? Do you know what you want or what your needs are now?

These are all questions that many ask their-selves after ending a long relationship. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer to any of this. I am here to tell you one thing.  ITS YOU TIME.  Finally, it’s all about you? A little pride? A little selfish? BUT that is okay because for some time now you probably have neglected yourself.  Which we all tend to do in long relationships. We get so focused on ”we”,”our”, ”him-she” that we forget about ”me”.

As it may be I am restarting myself. I wanted to share just some small things I started doing after being on my own again after so many years.

    1. Taking a step back and just breath. Breathing is so rejuvenating it helps just refreshes the mind and body again.
  2. Take time to figure out what you like, what you want, what your needs are.
    1. This is important because everything has changed. Bills have changed, your routine has changed.  You have changed.
    2. I started a  monthly budgeting plan. This has helped me organize my expenses and wants.
    3. Take some classes, or try something new. This semester I have took upon myself a gardening class. I love nature and who doesn’t love waking up to smells of heaven? (That’s if my flowers don’t die haha)
  3. BE SAD.
    1. It’s okay to miss that person, it’s okay to feel those sad tears coming. It’s natural to curl up on the couch and watch a sappy movie.  It’s healthy. But keep in mind if it’s too much consider talking to a therapist. Mine has been more then helpful with my split.
  4. Take care of YOU
    1. That means finding your relaxing techniques rather that is working out yoga or just cats and a book.
    2. Eat healthier. A healthy body means a healthy mind.


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Clean Microwave in a jiffy!

Got tough stains, months of food and drink build up in your microwave? Still can’t get it clean?  Try this one mix and with one wipe your microwave will look brand new!Life

Take one tablespoon of powered dishwasher detergent in a glass bowl. Fill it with half  of water and throw in microwave for 5 minutes. Makes everything in the microwave come off with one swipe.                     For extra buildup, let sit for five minutes after heating and microwave for 3 minutes. Take a tooth brush or sponge to it  and will come right off.

And for you earth loving recycling pals here is a Eco friendly way to clean your microwave! Same directions minus the detergent, instead add a lemon juice and its peel!

I wish I had taken a before picture to see the amazing difference but as guilt as charged I might have let my microwave go for awhile without cleaning it..


Spice rack on command

Hey folks, so todays tip will be short and sweet. I told you I would tell you all about my little spice rack so here it is!

  • You will need two ( or however many need ) dollar tree trays
  •  A handful of binder clips
  •  Some solid string/rope
  • Thump tacks.

Like many of us we love to cook. The thing about small apartments is our kitchen is usually lacking space.  Unfortunately when your ocd kicks in and you don’t have the 20$ for an actual spice rack you make due. It’s simple to make and makes your counter space more available.  Just measure the small trays and tack in two thump tacks, one on each end. Take two binder clips and clip them on each side smaller side of the tray. Then measure some string/rope to the length you want it to be hanging down.  Now after you have string cut tie each end of the string to the binder clips.  Just place the string onto the thump tacks and add your spices, then wa-la! Simple, easy, and affordable.  It works as a temporary basis or like me probably for good haha.  Get creative paint your trays, use different colored rope/string  or binder clips.   That my hack for today.  If you enjoyed my little life hack please subscribe and if you want comment your ideas!

Dollar tree saves the bathroom!

I wanted to share with you a couple new tricks I came up with to help de-clutter and organize your bathroom a little more.   I found these cute little trays at the dollar tree and decided to see if they would stay on the wall with couple thumb tacks. GUESS WHAT?? THEY DID!!! So not only do I now have room in my vanity drawer for all my other girly things, my counter isn’t cluttered with hair brushes and makeup brushes. One last note, I used a paper clip on the edge to hold me hair ties. You might call it white trash or whatever but its brilliant!   Now lets move down the list of pictures to the silver hooks. Boys and girls these things are a life saver. They work so well, downside good luck getting them off.  So measure before sticking! I originality walked into the dollar tree to find some hooks to hang some pictures but instead they came in handy on organizing my straightener and hair dryer. AGAIN MEASURE BEFORE STICKING.  I put them where I could hang my items and still close my cabinet. This cleared one of my selves which is now holding my towels. Who knew dollar tree was so wonderful?  And last but least my recycled Dr. Pepper box.  Of course you could probably paint it or even glue some material on it to make it look neater but for now its just my Dr. Pepper box. SO, as we know when trying to maximize a tiny space it can be hard when you have a tendency of over stalking your items. (I’m guilty) I was looking around for a container that I already had at home that would fit in my bathroom cabinet so I could have room for my wash clothes and could not find anything that would fit in there.. That was until I randomly saw my Dr Pepper box being shredded by my wonderful pet cat Pita. I just got a quick thought and decided to see if it would be small enough to work. Sure enough it did. I cut the one top off it and then let it do its new job. Now the items in my cabinet are easier to get to and my over stalking is less miserable to look at. If you enjoyed todays tip you’ll want to check out tomorrows DIY spice organizer! Thanks for joining me on my trip to hacking life! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and keep following my post.