Spice rack on command

Hey folks, so todays tip will be short and sweet. I told you I would tell you all about my little spice rack so here it is!

  • You will need two ( or however many need ) dollar tree trays
  •  A handful of binder clips
  •  Some solid string/rope
  • Thump tacks.

Like many of us we love to cook. The thing about small apartments is our kitchen is usually lacking space.  Unfortunately when your ocd kicks in and you don’t have the 20$ for an actual spice rack you make due. It’s simple to make and makes your counter space more available.  Just measure the small trays and tack in two thump tacks, one on each end. Take two binder clips and clip them on each side smaller side of the tray. Then measure some string/rope to the length you want it to be hanging down.  Now after you have string cut tie each end of the string to the binder clips.  Just place the string onto the thump tacks and add your spices, then wa-la! Simple, easy, and affordable.  It works as a temporary basis or like me probably for good haha.  Get creative paint your trays, use different colored rope/string  or binder clips.   That my hack for today.  If you enjoyed my little life hack please subscribe and if you want comment your ideas!


Dollar tree saves the bathroom!

I wanted to share with you a couple new tricks I came up with to help de-clutter and organize your bathroom a little more.   I found these cute little trays at the dollar tree and decided to see if they would stay on the wall with couple thumb tacks. GUESS WHAT?? THEY DID!!! So not only do I now have room in my vanity drawer for all my other girly things, my counter isn’t cluttered with hair brushes and makeup brushes. One last note, I used a paper clip on the edge to hold me hair ties. You might call it white trash or whatever but its brilliant!   Now lets move down the list of pictures to the silver hooks. Boys and girls these things are a life saver. They work so well, downside good luck getting them off.  So measure before sticking! I originality walked into the dollar tree to find some hooks to hang some pictures but instead they came in handy on organizing my straightener and hair dryer. AGAIN MEASURE BEFORE STICKING.  I put them where I could hang my items and still close my cabinet. This cleared one of my selves which is now holding my towels. Who knew dollar tree was so wonderful?  And last but least my recycled Dr. Pepper box.  Of course you could probably paint it or even glue some material on it to make it look neater but for now its just my Dr. Pepper box. SO, as we know when trying to maximize a tiny space it can be hard when you have a tendency of over stalking your items. (I’m guilty) I was looking around for a container that I already had at home that would fit in my bathroom cabinet so I could have room for my wash clothes and could not find anything that would fit in there.. That was until I randomly saw my Dr Pepper box being shredded by my wonderful pet cat Pita. I just got a quick thought and decided to see if it would be small enough to work. Sure enough it did. I cut the one top off it and then let it do its new job. Now the items in my cabinet are easier to get to and my over stalking is less miserable to look at. If you enjoyed todays tip you’ll want to check out tomorrows DIY spice organizer! Thanks for joining me on my trip to hacking life! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and keep following my post.

My baked chicken hack

We all have that friend or family member who makes the best baked chicken. No matter how many times you have tried it, word to word, it never turns out as good as theirs. Rather that’s because of the chicken breading or the flavor.  My hack to making the best chicken is Shake and Bake. It comes in several flavors as in original chicken, BBQ and even does have an option to do it with your pork or fish! It’s a no fail hack. As long as you follow the guide on the side of the box, your chicken will be perfect! For those of us who need to save a dollar here and there, they offer it in an off brand (as pictured) at most local grocery stores. The coating is perfect, it’s easy to make with little to no mess, and most importantly its delicious!!  Happy cooking!

How to make a soda can into a pen or makeup brush holder!

Hey folks I promised a magic trick so here it is!!! HAHAAHA no magic trick here just a simple girl with an imaginative mind. So today we are going to make a coke can into a pencil holder just as promised!

  • You will need a soda can or any type of can really. A can opener (preferably ones that cut the tops off) or if you’re like me a pair of scissors (will suffice with a soda can).
  • Some material. I used a cut out of an old t-shirt. I also used some old sparkle scrap material I had for extra décor on the can.
  • You will need a hot glue gun.
  • Some construction paper and/or paint
  • You will also need a hand sand paper.
  • And last but least a paper clip.

So, lets begin, after collecting your items together you will want to start by cutting the lid off your can either by your can opener or scissors. If you use scissors, make sure you sand the edges off when your done to prevent being cut.  If you are cutting your soda can with scissors, make sure you cut as close to the top as possible. The taller the sturdier it will be when sitting.


As we begin our next step think about your decorating, how you want it to be. Due to lack of paint on my part I used construction paper to fill my inside of my can. With this step you can either paint the whole can or just outside if you like the silver coating inside. If you use construction paper, follow the next step.  **Take a piece of construction paper of any color you want for inside your can. I used purple as you can tell in the picture. Take your construction paper lay it flat. Then take your can and roll the construction paper around it. This will help guide your measurement for inside of the can. Cut just a small bit over lapping the can.  Take your construction paper and now put it down into your can. It will overlap a little, this is ok. Make sure your construction paper is even. As you can tell in the picture mine wasn’t at first. If this happens just restraighten the paper and hold it with that paper clip.  Take your glue gun after it is ready and line the inside of the overlap of your construction paper inside the can. After allowing that to dry, take your glue again once again and make a couple strikes down in the can behind the construction paper to keep it held. Then glue the top or in my case around the edges of the can and paper. Let this sit and dry for 3-5 minutes before moving to the next step.

Now here is where it gets fun and complicated. When moving to your next step go back to the beginning on how you want it to look. DO you want it blue, purple, flower power, sparkle? Gather some material. If you don’t have any actual material gather an old shirt or clothes bottoms. This can I used an old brown kid’s shirt I had. Make sure your material is one layered and completely flat. So, I cut the seam down one side of the shirt and made it flat. Take your can and scissors and repeat the wrap like instructed using the construction paper. While cutting the material cut just enough of material to go over the top of the can. Stretch the material tight around the can. If you need to you can use the paper clip to hold the material on top of the can. You will want to make sure the material touches the bottom edge of the can.

Take your hot glue gun and while holding the material tight make a line of glue from the top to the bottom of the can and fold the material over onto it. Then repeat that over on top of the material and lay the other side of the material on top of that.  Let that dry before moving forward. If you want to make your can more decorative find lace or some other crafty stuff to wrap, bow or just stick onto it. To finish my can I wanted it to sparkle so I took some old scrap material I had and repeated the glue wrap over the material.  Then after allowing that to dry its all done!

Congrats on making your first can pen holder!

Now for an extra tip on decor. You can just paint the can and use stickers or any other crafty material you like to create a masterpiece!  These make great gifts, help organize your teens makeup brushes or even for your office.  Make more and put them together, you can even stack them to make a layered pen shelf. Which an example will be posted at a later date.

Thanks for hanging out with me and learning a new way to make use of those pesky cans!  If you have any questions or even some of your own tips don’t be shy and just comment! Stay tuned and don’t miss another post by liking and subscribing down below.  Till next time ❤

To ending old habits and creating new ones.

Hello, my dear followers this year instead of doing blah blah 101 again I am going to re-start this blog. The new ‘’improved’’ blog will still have my normal writings and photography post but this year I will be focusing on what I can share with you. For an example, DIY, crafts, recipes, simple organization hacks and of course everything else that goes along with every day basis.

Stay tuned and subscribed to learn and laugh about simple things a boring poverty-stricken college student single mother divorcee has to offer! I promise you don’t want to miss my posts so like, subscribe and keep a watch out for the upcoming!

My first post will be over a recycled project I did. Stay tuned for the chance to turn your coke cans into pen organizers!

Midnight Manic RANT

IMG_8842 (2)Dealing with bipolar is a challenge on everyday basis. Some days you can’t tell it’s there and then weeks when I go through a manic episode. A couple of red warning flags for myself is when I am staying doing chapters out of your college books two weeks before your classes even start.  Unfortunately, no matter how many meds you take every day you must do more than that to stay level headed.  I sometimes must hide my keys with my purse on days like today when I can’t “settle” down.  Shopping is my weakness and not just when I’m manic. When I do go in an episode those urges gets x1000 worse.  I can usually get myself to calm down by cleaning my kitchen.  (I swear my kitchen dirties itself.)  My episodes usually come after a stressful event like my recent breakup or when I miss a couple days on my medication.  Bi-polar is my self-destruction.  I have ruined relationships, almost killed myself, blew thousands of dollars in just a day…and completely self-destructed.   But with being consistent on my medication, the support of my therapist, the encouragement from finishing school and the love from my friends/family I can live my life pretty normal.  Some days are worse than others, but every day I know that it will be okay.   


Holidays Cheer or Sludge


Here is my holiday chart, enjoy my dull sense of humor. So, every year we have a bunch of people who show up to the big meals like Christmas and thanksgiving so I took it upon myself to put them in a category for you.


  1. So, you have the cussing, cane hitting grandparents who smell like they just got out of a perfume store.
  2. Then you have that ‘’perfect’’ couple who thinks anything non-organic is a hazard to their child, so they always bring vegan foods every holiday, like tofu.
  3. Then of course you have ‘’Tom’’. Tom always has his camera out videoing the family. He even took a picture of sally last year on the toilet when she ran out of TP.
  4. And of course you have that annoying cousin with 10 children who always come without being invited.
  5. Then you have that one person in the whole house hold who doesn’t care about anything but loving everyone and is usually the one who is breaking up the fights.
  6. So, then you have that one guy who is always outdoing everybody with the holiday spirit with the ugly holiday t-shirt and tie that looks like elf ears.
  7. You can’t forget sally who brings those pies that nobody dares to eat, since they’re all afraid of food poison!
  8. And of course that aunt of yours who drinks too much wine every holiday and passes out before dinner even gets to the table.
  9. Then you have the sports fanatic who hogs the TV and puts nothing but sports on the whole weekend.

Who else has a NORMAL family for the Holidays?   😉